GlamUP gloves are a hot new fashion accessory that protects hands from UV rays during no-chip manicures, while in the sun and even while driving.  These chic, fingerless gloves were designed by LA-based designer Sterling Capricio, who is known for his haute couture and cutting-edge collections.  His amazing masterpieces have been worn by an array of Hollywood icons and fashion trendsetters. 

GlamUP gloves are the brainchild of Michelle Flowers Welch – an entrepreneur, seasoned marketing executive and no-chip manicure aficionado. After seeing the plain white, unstylish UV manicure gloves on the market, Michelle jumped at the opportunity to fill a need for a beautiful glove that would allow her to indulge in her love for long-lasting manicures while maintaining healthy hands.   So she teamed up with Capricio to bring GlamUP gloves to life.

Sexy.   Stylish.   Safe.   GlamUP gloves are a hit with today’s fashionistas – in and out of the salon!