Sterling Capricio is an LA-based designer known for his cutting-edge, trend-setting style. Over the years, his designs have been worn by Tyra Banks, Gwyneth Paltrow, Yolanda Adams and other Hollywood style icons.  Capricio used his expertise in designing for the red carpet to create GlamUP gloves, incorporating sophisticated, chic fabrics that provide high levels of UV protection.  The initial collection features animal prints, hot pops of color and abstract patterns.  Capricio selected soft fabrics made from a blend of polyester and spandex to ensure durability and fit.  He focused on designing a glove that would consistently fit most hands.

“As I was designing GlamUP gloves, I felt their beautiful wearability would extend the glamour beyond the salon, and women would want to wear them long after their manicure is done.  Even trendsetters who don’t get no-chip manicures will wear GlamUP gloves because they are such a funky, fashion piece.  GlamUP gloves are sexy, stylish and safe – all the things women want to be.”


Sterling Capricio

Designer – GlamUP Gloves